BEST PRACTICE Competition on Ethical Consumption Awards

Present your ideas on how to raise awareness about sustainable consumption and win sponsorship prizes!

Through the European Network I SHOP FAIR (a network of critical consumers standing up for social and ecological subsistence strategies) five NGOs from Malta, Poland, Austria and Germany are giving cash prizes to any project that gives the public an understanding of "Ethical Consumption".

Any idea that engages the public to think about responsible consumption will be admissible for the competition!

There are 18 prizes (First-1000€, Second-500€, Third-250€) to be won that are distributed over 3 categories being:

  1. Best Public Action: (e.g. flashmobs, postcard actions, panel discussions, creative info-booths, etc...)
  2. Best Alternative Consumption Project (e.g. clothes swap parties, repair cafes, ‘cutting-back-on-consumption’ experiments, etc...)
  3. Best Eco-Fair Structural Consumption Change (e.g. change of supplier to fair trade products, replace products, fair purchasing in communities, sport clubs, schools, etc...)

Each category will then be divided into two further sub-categories: those in which the applicant(s) are below the age of 20 and those in which the applicant(s) is above the age of 20.

Winners will also receive a travel package to attend the European Consumption Summit that will take place in Germany in Bonn, Germany from 19th to 21st of June 2015!

This competition is being launched in Poland, Malta, Austria and Germany, but we also warmly welcome participants from other countries.

Applications can be downloaded from the I SHOP FAIR website (http://www.ishopfair.net/competition).

For futher information kindly contact Roseann Farrugia on projects@l-arka.org

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