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Violation of freedom of association at Matías plantation of Grupo Orodelti

To: Sr. Kleber Siguenza, Grupo Orodelti

CC: Sr. Eduardo Uribe, Tropical Fruit

CC: Nigel Sizer & Ria Stout, Rainforest Alliance

CC: Sr. Florian Schuetze, Lidl

CC: Sr. Raúl Ledesma, Labour ministry Ecuador


Berlin, 7 November 2017

Violation of freedom of association at Matías plantation of Grupo Orodelti


Dear Mr. Siguenza,

Our organizations are all part of the Make Fruit Fair! network, which consists of more than 25 European and Non-European human rights, development, environment and consumer organizations that are working together in an EU-funded project to promote fair working conditions in the tropical fruit supply chain.

We want to express our deepest concern about recent incidents at the Matías plantation of GRUPO ORODELTI: During October and November 2017, a total of ten workers were sacked at Matías. All of them are members of the union ASTAC. Dismissing specifically organized workers is a severe violation of the key workers’ right of freedom of association. This situation is not tolerable.

We further got to know that there is a black list with names of workers that were dismissed to hinder their employment also in other plantations in the region. This is a serious problem, as the workers’ families rely on the employment in banana plantations to make a living.

We hereby urge you to immediately reemploy the sacked workers and to guarantee that plantation workers of GRUPO ORODELTI can organize themselves in unions without facing harassments such as the threat of being dismissed.

Our organizations are cooperating for several years with the union ASTAC, who informed us about the case. ASTAC also presented the incidents to the Ecuadorian authorities. We are supporting ASTAC’s activities to defend labour and human rights in the banana sector and strongly recommend you to start a dialogue with them to solve the situation.

As Matías plantation is its supplier, we have also informed the biggest European supermarket chain LIDL about the labour rights violations. We are waiting for information from your side which steps you are taking to solve the case.

Yours sincerely,

Mirjam Hägele

International Campaigns Coordinator Make Fruit Fair! Oxfam Germany

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