Saturday, 14th October 17, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust held the...

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CampActive Seminar

Saturday, 14th October 17, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust held the CampActive seminar during which we shared sharing ideas, best practices and experience on Awareness about Sustainable Issues (for Educators & Youth in Raising) and Lobbying Politicians (Youths and Activists).

Hands-on workshops on how ideas and best practices on how to raise finances and manage campaigns were organised. The seminar took place on at the Valletta University Campus in St. Paul's Street.between 9.15AM and 2PM.

Workshops Included in the Programme:

  • Raising Sustainability Issues in the Curriculum and in Youth Groups - Dr. Vince Caruana
  • Best Practices in Organising Public Actions - Mr. Andre Callus
  • Best Practices in Lobbying Politicians - Dr. Michael Briguglio
  • Best Practices in Fundraising for Campaigns - Mr. Damien Attard
  • Best Practices in Graphic Design for Campaigns - Mr. Simon Borg


    Dr. Vince Caruana

    Vincent Caruana (aka Ċensu) obtained in 1991 an honours degree in Education from the University of Malta, specialising in Physics and Mathematics. Three years later he
    obtained a Diploma in Political Studies from the same University. Subsequently between 1995 and 1998 he studied Environmental and Development Education, obtaining a M.Sc. through London South Bank University. In 2013, he completed successfully his Doctoral degree, focusing on education for sustainability, in particular among adults, youth and community.

    Vince is currently a full-time lecturer at CEER - Malta's University Centre for Environmental Education and Research. He has for the past 30 years been very active in the Social and Development NGO scene, both locally and at a European level, having co-founded Malta’s first Fair Trade Organisation and Malta’s Network of Development Organisations. Vince is also a member of the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. He has recently taken an interest in personal development and
    has co-founded a new NGO “See Clearly Now”.

    Vince is an established mentor and trainer of various Civil Society Organisations, and is also experienced in project management, project evaluations and monitoring and evaluation.

    Mr. Andre Callus

    André Callus (MA Anthropology) has been active in organising actions on social justice and the environment for the past 15 years. He is involved in the Maltese left-wing organisation, Moviment Graffitti, and has also participated in public actions in Italy and Palestine. He contributed to the organisation of several campaigns related to issues such as workers’ rights, solidarity with Palestine, migrants’ rights and environmental protection.

    Mr. Simon Borg

    Born and raised in Malta, I started out my studies in Computer Networks but soon figured out that there was a lack of visual creativity in that line of work. Coming from an artistic family interested in classical art and photography, I inherited the need to express myself creatively and needed to find my own way of showing it. I started my design studies back in 2011 and graduated with a Degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Media in 2014. I am passionate about photography and design due to the boundless possibilities they present in terms of producing innovative work and expressing oneself within contemporary digital culture. My area of focus lies in using design and photography to capture emotions and the essence or character of people and places.

    I am currently employed as a Graphic Designer with a Swedish telecommunications company based in Malta and do additional freelance work. I have also been part of the Youth Catholic Action in Malta for the last 12 years. My current role within the organisation is leading a group of youths born between 2001 and 2002 and co-ordinating the public relations team. Throughout years of professional and volunteering experiences, I gained a better insight on the possibilities for voluntary organisations and NGOs to present themselves professionally in the public sphere.

    Mr. Damien Attard

    Damien Attard is a social entrepreneur who, at the age of 31, left the world of business and management to start an NGO. Right 2 Smile works on community development and volunteer projects for children, youth and their caregivers around the world. Running the NGO independently, Damien used his critical mind, business knowledge, and books to learn about international development and culture. Damien enjoys discussing pertinent social issues while thinking up innovative ideas for social action and change. He believes everyone can become a social activist. He now serves as the director and project manager of Right 2 Smile and he is reading for a degree in International Development.

    Dr. Michael Briguglio

    Michael Briguglio is a dad, political sociologist, local councilor and drummer from Malta. Michael has a Doctorate in Sociology, and lectures at the University of Malta. His main sociological research interests are politics, social movements, environment and social policy, and he has published research in these areas. He is also a co-founder and public relations officer of the Malta Sociological Association. 

    Michael is a Local Councillor in Sliema and has been elected four times since 2003. He joined Partit Nazzjonalista in 2017.

    Michael has been involved in civil society since the 1990s and is currently active in Front Harsien ODZ and Civil Society Network. Michael is a rock drummer with Norm Rejection which he co-founded in 1994. His drumming features on various albums and EPs, most notably with Norm Rejection and Dripht. He is a weekly columnist for the Times of Malta (Monday edition) and Il-Mument.

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    As part of the Make Fruit Fair! project Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust is releasing several items for promotional materials.

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