Ethical Capital

Fair Trade has the ability to change the lives of disadvantaged workers in the poor countries of the world. It gives people the real possibility of working their way out of poverty. By being a member of Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust will allow you to ethically invest your money in an initiative that is already bringing many social benefits to people in Third World countries who earn a fair wage for their fairly traded goods.

The Ethical Capital scheme is being renewed as part of KKĠ's activities under the PRICE project which aims to raise awareness about the importance of Fair Trade and Ethical Finance and instruments to support southern producers through microcredit and development cooperation projects.

As a member you will be joining a growing number of Maltese citizens who are helping workers in poor and unfavourable conditions make a respectable living and improve the educational, sanitary and social structure they live in.

Your investment will allow us to meet our next targets, which include:

  • Increase tenfold the current market share of Fair Trade coffee within 3 years
  • Set up Fair Trade educational projects in 10 local secondary schools within 3 years
  • Relocate the site of our Fair Trade shop to a more central position within 8 years

In order to attain these targets and maintain the constant educational programmes promoting the benefits of Fair Trade Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust has invested in the work of its first two part-timers. We believe in Fair Trade and we believe in what we do. So can you.

As a member of the cooperative you can invest from 50€ or 100€ or 500€ or a 1000€. The sky is the limit. And if you need them, you can take them back, anytime.

For a membership form or for more information, you can:

write to kkg@maltaforum.org - l-arka@maltaforum.org

visit the world shop L-Arka, 306, Triq San Pawl, il-Belt Valletta

phone us on 2124 4865 or 2131 5562.