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Morocco is a musical wonderland, stuffed with a bewildering surfeit of sounds; raw, sophisticated, ancient, modern, acoustic, electronic, mellow, fierce, deeply spiritual and extravagantly hedonistic. Culturally fed by rivers flowing in from all directions, its musical gene pool is rich and diverse, although the unique legacy of Morocco’s own native Berber culture remains more rooted than any imported influences. This album features two of Morocco’s musical giants, Jil Jilala and Nass El Ghiwane, the best-loved Moroccan female group, Bnet Marrakech and the greatest al aita star of modern times, Fatna Bent El Houcine. Delving into some of Morocco’s musical traditions, such as melhoun and gnawa, The Rough Guide To The Music Of Morocco also features some of the more contemporary and electronic sounds to have emerged out of this culturally rich country.

‘As Andy Morgan points out in his excellent sleeve-note, Morocco’s musics draw on Jewish and Arabo-Andalusian styles as well as the indigenous tradition of the Berbers. This Rough Guide – the best in the series for a long time – has been put together with love and respect rather than with a meretricious eye on what will go down well in the clubs: the tracks are of such generous length that we really can get into the mood. There’s a lot of discreet instrumental virtuosity here, and some genuinely great voices: Nass El Ghiwane’s prayerful growl among them.’ Independent On Sunday Five*****stars

‘When you consider Morocco’s popularity as a holiday destination…the country’s music is amazingly little-known. But, as this excellent compilation shows, Morocco has several distinctive traditions, all linked by a fondness for driving, trance-inducing rhythm…marvellously rich musical cuisine.’ Daily Telegraph, UK

Artists include: Nass Marrakech, Jil Jilala, Najm El Farah Essafi, Bnet Marrakech, Mohamed Amenzou, Nass El Ghiwane, Emil Zrihan, U-Cef feat. Dar Gnawa, Fatna Bent El Houcine with Ouled Ben Aguida, Hassan Hakmoun and Mustafa Bourgone

Sample: NASS MARRAKECH: Zeye Meyel (Abdelaziz Arradi) Copyright Control. Licensed from Harmonia Mundi Iberica.

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