European Voluntary Service

Since 2006 Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust has participated in a number of European Voluntary Service and Erasmus+ Projects, through which it was able to host volunteers for periods between 6 weeks and 12 month. While in Malta foreign volunteers will work with the activities officers of KKĠ in its day to day activities.

Through our EVS projects the organisation works to promote cultural diversity in Malta by designing and running concrete activities and other projects that are carried out in Malta among the public, compromising people from various social and educational backgrounds. In order to achieve this goal, the project makes use of the cultural richness of Fair Trade, and includes Refugees, asylum seekers and local artists.

KKĠ volunteer helps the organisation raise awareness about development issues in the Global South by organizing public activities such as the WorldFest, informal and non-formal educational activities in schools, youth groups, in other community groups, street activities and helping in the day-to-day activities of the organization.

In particular the volunteers assist with:

  1. Publication of the Quarterly Newsletter
  2. Activities / Events in Schools, Youth Groups, Community Groups
  3. Assist with il-Ħanut l-Arka
  4. Setting up mobile units during awareness activities organised by other organisations
  5. Public Activities such as the WorldFest and the Christmas Market
  6. Research about various producers' groups
  7. Research about fair trade products
  8. Organize social activities for members and volunteers
  9. Carry out various administrative duties
  10. Updating of our website and Facebook pages
  11. Assist in carrying out projects and project applications
  12. Assist in research about consumer consciousness and ethical consumption
  13. Liaise with partner organizations
  14. Represent the organization when necessary, either during conferences or in the media

In addition to the youthpass granted at the end of the project, KKĠ serves as a referee for other intern-ships and academic and employment opportunities for previous volunteers.

Previous EVS Projects:

2014-3-MT01- KA105-003563 (Anne Marie Apap, Ewa Boltrky, Zsolt Domonsk, Albert Atilla, Bernice Cherrett, Tamara Kemmer, Elina Jogure and Charlotte Verrier)

  • Project Advert #1
  • Project Advert #2
  • Project Description

    MT-21-13-2013-R3 (Guilia Savoldi, Sandra Horea, Terezia Komorna, Bianca Patrascuta, Ivan Arap Ara, Elisa Tiecco, Charles Bennet, Melanie Wolff, Emile Kpadja, Jelena Buvac, Roboerto Mozos De Luna and Luca Devecchi)

    MT-21-13-2013-R3 (Monika Ivanova, Roberto Mozos De Luna, Carlo Alberto Devecchi, Melanie Wolff, Biancha Patrascuta, Emile Kpadja, Luca Devecchi, Jelena Buvach, Charles Bennett, Guilia Savoldi, Ivan Arapov, Elisa Tiecco and Sandra Horea).

    MT-21-E14-2011-R4 (Laura Gonzales Gomez, Marco Vincenzo Armento, Cristina Martinez Collado)

    MT-21-6-2012-R1 (Piotr, Sandrine, Judith, Federica, Ramon, Mehdi)

    MT-21-08-2011-R3 (Katharina Beckmann)

    LU-21-31-2010-R5 (Bruno Rodriguez, Philippe Pratt, Sophie Colsell)

    MT-2.1-25-2009-R5 (Laura Granda Mateu, Lina Vosyluite, Marc Simo Husillos)

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    About Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust (KKĠ)

    In brief, KKĠ runs its constant learning structure and addresses the educational needs it faces in the following ways:
    • Encourages the empowerment of its members
    • Promotes collaboration on projects inside the Cooperative
    • Promotes understanding and collaboration with other voluntary and socially-committed organisations
    • Also runs various education programmes which can be of an informal or non-formal nature

    Regular Activities

    KKĠ achieves the above by using various media within formal, informal and non formal learning processes. Chiefly, it:

    1. Administers a Fair Trade shop, called il-Hanut l-Arka. The aim of l-Arka is to raise awareness about Fair Trade and related Global Issues. This is achieved by promoting Fair Trade goods, have staff and volunteers explain to the public who visit the shop the basic principles of Fair Trade, distribute for free educational material to educators about Fair Trade, distribute for free fliers, leaflets and other promotional materials about sustainable development in poorer continents.
    2. Engages in various educational public awareness raising activities throughout the year. These are mainly: the WorldFest activity, the Taste the World Activity, organizes promotional stalls during other organization’s activities, etc…
    3. Transmits skills (both within and outside the cooperative) related to communication, presentation, education, management, accountancy, promotion, organisation and capacity-building through the setting up of seminars, meetings and the dissemination of printed material
    4. Works with other organization that work on global issues which are of a concern to the members of KKG and fit within its aims and objectives. Namely it collaborates with other organization that work in the field of development cooperation, anti-racism, cultural diversity awareness, environmental groups and pro-democracy / human rights groups.
    5. Actively assists its members in attending seminars and meetings (of a similar nature to the ones described above) and organised by other local or foreign bodies such as CTM-Altromercato, the Italian Fair Trade consortium and NEWS, the international network of World Shops
    6. Is actively involved in the Maltese Social Economy. KKĠ pioneered research in identifying and empowering a number of local NGOs that contribute to making the economy more sensitive to the social dimension. KKĠ originated and helped found together with four other foundations/cooperatives that work in the fields of disability, organic farming and social inclusiveness. The Social Economy forged stronger links between its representatives and created a ripple-effect that is currently leading to further collaboration
    7. Is actively involved in the Malta Forum for Social Justice and Development, and the NGDO Platform (Malta)
    8. Regularly sets up events that generate interest on a national level and are attended by members of the civil society, political representatives, religious representatives, the media and the general public. Chiefly, these are Worldfest, the celebration of World Fair Trade Day in May, and Taste the World, an open festival which achieves a healthy balance between non formal education and entertainment
    9. Runs formal education programs regarding Fair Trade and sustainable development in primary and secondary schools and higher education institutes
    10. Combines formal with non formal learning by collaborating with a local cooperative (Outlook Coop) in getting students involved in Fair Trade education and marketing both within the school structure and outside (thanks to extracurricular sessions and hands-on projects)
    11. Uses its website (www.l-arka.org) regularly and extensively in encouraging informal learning
    12. Disseminates a quarterly newsletter to all its members (via email and post)
    13. Regularly publishes articles about Fair Trade, fighting poverty and ethical consumerism in the Business Supplement of Malta’s leading daily, The Times (www.timesofmalta.com)
    14. Organizes a number of social activities for its members in order to foster a greater network of volunteers that can assist in the running of the organization.

    Staff and members

    At the moment KKG has one part-timer who takes care of the day-to-day duties associated with the shop. Depending on the projects embarked upon by the cooperative, people are employed on a short-term basis with specific tasks and duties. For the next two years KKĠ will surely have another 2 activities officers and 1 financial officer. These will be helping the organisation with the day to day tasks. However the organization has a team of 11 volunteers from Malta who help in the administration of the said organization.

    The steering committee is composed of unpaid volunteers and other members of the cooperative dedicate time to the organisation’s activities.

    Target group KKG works with:

    KKG works with the following groups in order to achieve its aims and objectives:

    1. when organizing public events, with the general public during the particular event;
    2. partner organizations which are invited for our events and we attend their public events;
    3. schools (primary, secondary and tertiary), youth groups, social groups and religious groups; and
    4. local authorities (namely local councils)