Interview of Cristina Martinez Collado


Birthday: 13/01/1983

City: Villarobredo (Spain)

Academic studies: Psychology

Likes: Clown therapy, Play bongos

You live in Malta for 6 months. Is this what you imagined Malta to be when you embarked on this project?

Before arriving in Malta I did not have any concrete expectations. However to be honest I was worried about the flat. I was afraid that I would be place in a black room or something like that, however fortunately enough this fear did not materialize.

What do you think about this project? What are the things that you like most?

I enjoy working in Fair Trade because I find it an interesting concept that makes you think a lot about many poverty related issues. The project related tasks which I enjoy doing in Malta are activities in schools and the time I spend in the shop especially because I meet a lot of people and I get to know much about Maltese society.

During my free time I also like to participate in the activities of KKG’s partner organizations such as INTEGRA Foundation an organization which works on immigration. I enjoying meeting and working with teenager migrants who live in an institutional home and learn a lot of things about their life, sure more then I try to teach them.

How would you describe your three other housemates?


What role do you think Fair Trade has in contemporary society?

I think Fair Trade is a good way to help people from undeveloped countries has their fundamental rights respected at the place of work. Unfortunately Fair Trade only helps a little percent of the people in the world and it could not be considered enough to resolve the world’s problems.

Described Cristina in three different moments: before arriving in Malta, in the present and trying to imagine herself at the end of this project.

Before her arrive in Malta I was overloaded with work until the moment my employment finished. Since then I wanted to change my life. Life was sure more than that and I was really enthusiastic for this EVS opportunity.

You have to try living your present day by day, making new experiences, learning about the world and things that fill my soul.

I think I cannot think about the future now. Sure it will be a challenge but at the same time I am sure that there will be bright moments.

You come from Castilla La Mancha one of the Spanish region that is effected most by the Spanish crises. How do you compare this situation to Malta?

In Spain now there are very few opportunities to work. Due to the crises the government is try to find ways of reducing workers’ rights. This situation makes me completely disgusted. In Malta there are sure more possibilities to work but from a social point of view I do not think that Maltese workers’ rights will be as higher as those enjoyed by Spanish workers before the crises.

Similarly I do not think that the public in Malta will reach the same level of social rights enjoyed by the Spanish. Unfortunately therefore I am afraid that it will be difficult for me to return to Spain, especially at this moment due to work considerations, however the door is always open for the future.

Marco Vincenzo Armento