Interview of Marco Vincenzo Armento


Birthday: 21/05/1984

City: Matera (Italy)

Academic studies: Journalism

Likes: Football, Politic

After 5 years at university and a lot of internships with various newspapers in Italy, you decided to change your goals and start a new adventure as an EVS volunteer. Why?

After completing five years of University studies I tried to convince myself that my best solution is to remain in my country. I believed that I could find work without problems and that I could live a lifestyle which adapts to my needs. Unfortunately this did not materialize for me and after a lot of tentative placements in various newspapers I decided to take another path.

I left my home town last summer to go live in a Valdese, centre in the Italian Alps where I worked as an international volunteer for 2 months. I really liked the contest and the spirit of collaboration between people who were very nice persons.

In Autumn, following my nice experience in the Italian Alps I decided to start an EVS project in Malta. I believe that through the EVS project I will be able to sharpen my journalistic, administrative and languages skills, thus giving me a better opportunity for a career in Italy on my return.

You where in Malta four years ago on an English Language Trip. What difference do you see in Malta from four years ago?

When I visited Malta four years ago I thought that the whole island revolved around the parties in Paceville. However during my stay in Malta during this EVS project I am having a completely different view of Malta.

One thing which I really appreciate it the large houses which Maltese people have. The first house which we were place in was so big that we called it “The Castle”. Houses in Malta tend to be larger than in most cities which is something I find amazing. Another different reality that I now see in Malta is that villages are very nice.

The EVS project was very interesting for me because after some time I started to understand my tasks and situation in the association. Moreover I became to know more people and indeed I really started to appreciate my life in the island.

During my short trip four years ago I also did not manage to travel around the island and see a lot of new wonderful places such as Rabat, Mdina, Tarxien, Zurrieq, Dingli, Marsascala and others that impressed me a lot.

In Malta I also started to appreciate the Arabic side of Malta and really enjoy listening to Maltese applying Arabic semantics, the old narrow village streets and traditional food (pastizzi, rabbit, lampuki, ftira and other goods).

Before you studied journalism and now you work in a Fair Trade. Do you find some connection between these two areas?

So far I don’t think to have found many connections between journalism and Fair Trade. However journalism is an important tool to use for spreading and promoting Fair Trade. Indeed during my EVS project I am applying my theory learned in Journalism and put it into practice so promote Fair Trade.

What is the most interesting activity you have done so far?

I think that the activity which I enjoyed most in was the Christmas Market which happened last December for nearly three weeks. I enjoyed the Christmas Market because I met many new people and I had many new chats in the street and met new persons who showed a lot of enthusiasm in the shop.

After 6 months here could you that you are enjoying your time? Do you feel homesick sometimes?

Taking into account what my work is and taking into account the level of life I am really happy living in Malta, especially since I am improving my English and the free time I spend network in Malta make me feel really satisfied.

At the same time however I cannot run away from the fact that sometimes I miss my old friends in Parma because for me they were for like a second family.

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