Climate change & Pemaculture

PRESS RELEASE: Permaculture & Climate Change – Information Evening

The Forum for Global Issues (FGI) in collaboration with Koperattiva Kummerc Gust shall be organizing an informative evening about the impact of climate change on agriculture and a discussion on whether agricultural practices such as permaculture offer a sustainable alternative to agriculture.

The informative sessions will be held at Bahrija Oasis, the Permaculture Research Foundation in Bahrija on Friday 19th July at 7pm. The first part of the activity will focus on an onsite demonstration of permaculture practices taken in Bahrija Oasis. This will be followed by a discussion about the impacts of climate change on agriculture. Drinks and finger food will be served afterwards.

FGI shall be providing free transport from Valletta for the event at 5.30pm. However anyone who is interested in making use of this service should kindly contact Lucie Semanska by email lucie.semanska@gmail.com or phone79443768.

This activity is funded by the EUPA 1.2 Youth Initiative Programme Carbon as part of the ‘Carbon Diet’ Project.

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