Price Project

Overall view of PRICE Project

We live in an interconnected world. With the current European Union financial crisis, for small business and poor livelihoods is more and more difficult to get access to credit. Moreover, due to the current framework of the international trade and investment system, there are nearly no binding rules governing ethical behavior in these matters. Acting with little or no ethical principles at all are often causes of several social, economic and environmental impacts in both Developing and Developed countries.

PRICE (Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe) Project intends to reverse this process finding those spots where Fair Trade and Ethical Finance may support each other.

PRICE is a project funded by the European Union where 10 organizations work together in order to create synergies among Fair Trade Organizations and Ethical Finance Institutions. This project has different phases. First we will do research on ethical finance and fair trade in order to find weakness and strengths on these institutions. The second phase will be about training sessions and seminars in 9 European countries that we will be able to do from the research findings. And finally, the project will have a media launch campaign as well as awareness raising events all over Europe.

The project lifespan is for 2 years and a half.

The overall goal of PRICE Project is:

“Arise public awareness and promote education to mobilise greater financial support for actions against poverty and for fairer relations between developed and developing countries in the field of responsible investments for fair and sustainable trading activities”

While the specific objectives of the Project are:

  • To get private and public investors and consumers aware of the interdependence between irresponsible investments and trade and development issues in the South.
  • To promote education through “train the trainer” methodology to maximize multiplier


  • To create synergies between Fair Trade and Ethical Finance actors in the European Union

    to provide citizen, public and private investors with tools for mobilizing investments for

    fair trade projects.

The project can be divided in three phases:

Phase 1: Research and training tool kit development

From April 2013 – January 2014

During this phase PRICE Partners will carry out two researches. The first one will be on Fair Trade and Ethical Finance. Sometimes Fair Trade organizations could have problems in terms of access to capitalization. Just to mention an example, access to credit could be needed in order to import fair trade products from developing countries or pre-financing the production. There are already Ethical Finance institutions that invest in several projects that have a social or environmental positive impact in society. However, PRICE aims to investigate the amount of these investments in Fair Trade organizations and/or projects.

The second research will be on the Public Guarantees and Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). These guarantees will be analyzed by PRICE given that they have been criticized since there are no restrictions on where the investments can be made, resulting thus in some investments that are not environmentally or socially sustainable. On the other hand, these actors could play a positive role to help the development of Fair Trade and to strengthen the links between Fair Trade and Ethical Finance.

After these researches are done, 4 thematic guides will be published:

  • Introduction to Ethical Finance and Responsible Investments
  • Ethical Finance and its interrelations with Fair Trade: Synergies, Existing and Innovative Tools for Cooperation and Mobilization of Resources for Developed and Developing Countries.
  • Responsible Investments on Renewable Energy Crops in Developing Countries
  • Responsible Investments in Forestry and Related Commodities such as Timber and Carbon

The findings of these researches and publications will allow developing a training toolkit that will be used during the Phase 2.

Phase 2: Training of Target Groups, Train the trainers, and Awareness Raising Sessions

From February 2014 – January 2015

A series of seminars on Fair Trade and Ethical Finance will be organized through Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Malta. The main focus of these seminars is to gather the main experiences at country level and invite external experts to provide inputs through the organization of round tables and the public. These seminars will be open to the public.

Two sessions with the “Train the trainer” methodology will also be held. The idea of this action is that new trainers can be ready to disseminate the information whenever is needed.

Moreover, PRICE Project is going to do local training and awareness raising sessions. Each partner will do at least 1 training event each. At this point, we will be ready to launch our PRICE campaign.

Phase 3: Mobilizing Public Support through Fair Trade and Ethical Finance Campaign.

From February 2015 – July 2015

This is the final phase of PRICE Project. Here is where we concentrate all our findings and experiences and translate them into an awareness campaign.

Awareness raising events (workshops, thematic dinners, trade fairs on Fair Trade and Ethical Finance, etc…) will be held in the Partners´ countries.

A press conference will be held in Brussels, where journalists, bloggers, media partners and European Commission representatives will be invited.

To end with, a final conference will be held in Madrid in order to send a strong message on responsible investment, finance and trade. Consumers, students, general public, NGOs, ethical finance institutions, Fair Trade organizations, representatives from southern producers and EU will be invited. In this conference there will be workshop and plenary sessions and we would love to count with your participation!

If you would like more information you may write at: projects@copade.org

The organizations that make possible PRICE Project and its results are: