Interview with Federica Caporaso

Federica Caporaso joined Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust as an European Voluntary Service volunteer in the first week of November 2013. Since then she has been assisting KKĠ in ordering FT goods, translating between Italian and English and organize various awareness raising activities.

Ramon Manuel asks Federica

1. What where your thoughts about Malta before arriving here? After four months in Malta did the country meet your expectations?

I love Mediterranean culture. I have started to know about Malta although one friend of me who was living here. It is a nice country and I really appreciate the good weather. I found Malta with a high density of population and many people from different countries. I feel good here but I found that there are many things to do for teenagers however there no so much offers for people of my geek.

2. Why did you choose to participate in the Fair Trade projects? Where there other projects you wanted to visit but were not available?

I like Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption and I was aware about it before arrive Malta. CTM Altromercato, with whom KKG has a lot of ties, is from Italy and it is quite popular in my country. Yes before coming to Malta I have tried to apply for a project in Iceland which concerned environmental issues and also applied for a project in Malaga with an school education.

3. Do you see any similarities between the culture in Naples and the Maltese culture?

Yes are some similarities in culture and this relates mainly to food. There are also similarities in the people's behaviour, especially since both the Neapolitans and the Maltese can be generally considered to be very warm.

4. The mafia is know to operate in Naples. Could you tell us how this influences the local economy and society?

I get upset when people from abroad associate Naples or the Italian with Mafia because in Naples there a lot of beautiful thing to appreciate. Anyway, the mafia is invisible because is inside the people and it is difficult to identify. Many companies are run by camorra and the have strong influenced in the political decision on the local government. Personally, I am against this situation, where companies are heavily influenced by crime and in fact I have in the past participated in demonstrations against this.

5. Having known you for some time we know that you spend several months in Turkey on an Erasmus project. What were you doing in Turkey? Do you keep up-to-date with the latest political events taking place in Turkey?

Yes I was in Turkey at the moment when I was carrying out my research for my thesis dissertation. The experience in Turkey was amazing, Istanbul being very beautiful. During my time there I have never got bored because always there are many things to see and too do.

At the time I was in Turkey the situation was far better than today and we could enjoy more freedom, especially on the internet, given that the country has banned twitter and one is very cautious about what he or she posts online. Nowadays the situation is different. Some friends I have kept contact with told me that there far more policeman on the street so as to repress riots.