Interview with Mehdi Karimi

1. What motivated you to come to Malta on an EVS and why did you choose Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust?

I wanted to improve my English and Arabic this year. As result I have internship experience in Egypt . By the way it was the main reason that I couldn’t come before. Uk was my first destination for EVS. When I receive the acceptation letter from Arka I had to see where was Malta on the map.

2. Both your parents are Moroccan, you have visited Morocco several times and you also have been to other Arab countries such as Egypt. However you have lived all your life in Belgium. Having experienced both European and Arabic cultures and having lived in Malta for more than 2 months do you think that the Maltese are culturally closer to Arabs or to Europeans?

Something Arabic but mainly Europe influence. The language is more visible I can understand some conversation because many word are similar. Also, in the way that the vegetable van shop selling their product that they play with the price like in a bazaar. Also I can check that there are some similar thing in relation with Belgium culture, in the interaction of people, catholic religion and peaceful society. They are less warm and speak up that other Arabic countries.

3. What are the main difference you see between Arabic and European Cultures?

In the Arabic countries the time is slower and there are less pressing.

4. Immediately before arriving in Malta in December 2013 you were in Egypt. Did you feel unsafe during your stay in Egypt in view of the unstable situation the country is in?

I didn’t feel unsafe in Egypt but I found many troubles on the street like check point and registration from the army for everywhere. The politic situation is unstable. There are many protests on the street. The currently government is very authority and fascism. They are persecuted many people who is no agree whit the regimen. For example, the Muslim brothers are considerer terrorist but before no.

5. You studied political science (correct?). How do you relate your studies to Fair Trade?

I think is very close with the economic and political issues in the world. One of the goals of my discipline is getting a balance between countries and regions.

6. What are your views about sustainable consumption? Do you think that consumer who “vote with their wallet” manage to reduce poverty, global warming or armed conflicts around the world?

I am agree, money is power and there are many companies that have more influence that the countries. I trust more Ethical Consumption that Fair Trade because the first one is more accessible and more real.

Muslim brothers are considerer terrorist but before no.

7. What are your plans after your EVS internship with Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust?

I don’t know. I am looking for a internship in a consulting company abroad.