Clothes Swapping Activity at Ġugar

Between Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th May, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust shall be organizing a clothes swap party at Ġugar Bar in Valletta, as part of its sustainable consumption project.

The idea behind a clothes swap party is to encourage people to maximize the lifetime of their clothes by allowing other to make good use of such clothes and receives new clothes for free. The exercise of swaping clothes is good both for the environment and for your pocket.

For more information about the event contact Mehdi Karimi on mehdi@l-arka.org or by telephone on 79462818.

10 reasons why swapping is good for you — and the planet

sources http://theswapteam.org/10-reasons-why-swapping-is-good-for-you-and-the-planet/

1. Swapping saves you money.

A recent study in the UK found that British women spend £1,000 a year on their wardrobe but only wear 30% of their clothes. Why buy new all of the time? Fashion trends come and go so quickly — can everyone really afford to change their wardrobe every season? By investing in good quality basics and swapping those trendy pieces that don’t quite fit or suit us anymore, we can easily refresh our wardrobes without spending a fortune. Swap often, and save your pennies for that really special splurge or accent piece!

2. Swapping saves natural resources.

According to a National Labor Committee investigation, “labor costs can represent as little as two-tenths of one percent of the $14.89 price tag on a shirt made in El Salvador. That is, the worker gets three cents.” So where does the rest of the money go? Up to 75% can be the raw materials, including yarn, dye, chemicals, electricity, fuel and water.

3.Swapping helps keep clothing out of our landfills.

The EPA Office of Solid Waste reported in 2007 that “Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year, and clothing and other textiles represent about 4% of the municipal solid waste. But this figure is rapidly growing.” Download the report “Waste Couture” here.

4. Swapping reduces our exposure to toxic chemicals.

The clothing we wear may contain traces of toxic chemicals used during production, and the factories that make the garments spew pollution into the environment. The EPA, under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, considers many textile manufacturing facilities to be hazardous waste generators. Surprised? Read on …

5. Swapping benefits local communities.

When you buy your clothing from a big chain store, who benefits in your local area besides the people who are employed by the store? When you come swap at one of our events, you are supporting local businesses, who sponsor and/or participate in the event, and local charities, who help families and individuals nearby who need good quality clothing.

6. Swapping makes you smile!

Did we mention that swapping is FUN? With so many clothes to choose from, great music and people, how can you not have a good time?

7. Swapping always fits you.

Have you recently gone up or down a size? We all change size and shape as we go through life. Don’t sweat it –

swap it!

8. Swapping = sharing.

It seems sometimes that we all own one of everything, whether it be a house, a car, a toaster, a bicycle … when we swap our clothes, we are sharing our bountiful closets with others. Like The S.W.A.P. Team logo says: “sharing is good!”

9. Swapping makes your wardrobe more unique.

If you’re already a fan of second-hand clothing, then you know how that one special vintage piece can add pizazz to your wardrobe. At our events, you’ll find new, gently worn and vintage clothing to suit all tastes and sizes. Mix it up and create your own personal style!

10. Swapping is family fun.

We have clothing for men, women and children, so bring your brood and get into the spirit of sharing together!

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