Interview with Piotr Wiewióra

Nationality: Polish

Before embarking on his EVS project Piotr held a position as "Animator for youths" and his main activities and responsibilities were as a co-ordinator of the ‘international park’ within the Salesian compound in Krakow. This international park includes a vast area with different spots designated for each part of the world. The specific spot would include the typical housing of the region. The children and youths visiting this park are therefore introduced to different housing around the world and along with that can experience different cultures.

Prior to that Piot was also active as a Leader in a Summer camp for youths which main activities and responsibilities included getting young people to get acquainted with journalism skills [camera work, editing, reporting, meetings, with professionals in the field, etc].

During his studies at Marii Skłodowskiej – Curie High School in Skawina, Piotr learnt English, Spanish and German which he enjoys practising with his friends.

After graduating from secondary school he got involved with an organization in Poland called SWM Youth for the World, working in Don Bosco style in areas of development cooperation and development education. As a member, Piotr took part in a number of trainings and meetings, but he was also actively participating in diverse projects and campaigns, including a social campaign encouraging citizens to donate 1 per cent of their taxes to charity, a festival called “Orawa for the Children of Africa”, an international project called “Media for Millennium Development Goals”, an educational project for disadvantaged youth called “Due Africa” and others. Piotr also took part in several international meetings and youth exchanges, co-organized by an international youth NGO Don Bosco Youth Net, namely, My world – One world? International Youth Conference (Bonn, Germany), Volunteer – Key to the future (Krakow, Poland) and Malta & Europe Exchanging Traditions: Multicultural Experience (Malta).

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