Interview With Sandrine Silberstein

Nationality: Belgian

Prior to receiving her degree in public relations in June 2011 Sandrine worked in Liege at a "Communication and Marketing in association MATM" where she learnt about the launch of an exhibitions, competitive analysis, definition of target audiences, control logistical and interviewed and wrote articles for the journal of the association.

In February that year Sandrine had the opportunity to work in Bolvia for the magazine "Cochabanner" in Cochabamba, where she carried out studies of the potential market of the journal, satisfaction surveys, SWOT analysis, writing articles and carried out interviews.

Sandrine thinks herself to be a sensitive person to anything related to the differences. This is because she had the opportunity to go one month in Morocco with the NGO Quinoa (Belgium), to lead children and supervise employability projects for adults. At that time she also followed training in development cooperation, North-South relations, fair trade, organic farming, where I learned various techniques of education and awareness.

Sandrine describes herself as being organized and proactive and she likes to think, observe, analyze and reflect on things.

In her free time Sandrine also managed to complete an internship at the association of co-operation and Development "Movement Across World" (Mouvement à travers monde) in Liège (Belgium). Her job included the analysis and the presentation of a mobile exhibition on life in Haiti. Specifically, she was involved in the analysis of competition, identifying target audiences, research sponsors, promoting the exhibition and creation of communication materials. Also, she was responsible for writing articles for the quarterly journal of the association.

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