Interview with Ramon Ternero Vega

Origin: Seville (Spain)

Educational Achievements: Degree in Geography, University expert Teaching and master about Territory Development.

1) What experiences did you embark on before engaging on your EVS project?

My first project in the area of studies involved a youth cultural interchange in Finland and Portugal that was organized by my ecologist association “El Taller Verde”. This kind of event give me the opportunity to come in contact with other organizations that are involved in the same sector.

My first experience living abroad was in Warsaw (Poland) where I did research on landscape according communist and capitalism ideologies, as part of my Erasmus studies. After that I visited North Andes in Peru where I got involved in an eco-tourism project for empowerment of peasant community to encourage a sustainable development which territory is under threat of mine projects by some multinational that have negatively consequently for the future of this geographical area. The last experience abroad that I had was in Palestine where I was working in a sensitization project about environment and teaching Spanish at University of Nablus. I found great hospitality from the Palestinian where they were invented me to their house to eat and drink or to go for weddings.

2) What aspects do you like about Maltese culture? And did you find it hard to adapt yourself to a different culture?

I have been in different countries and fortunately I haven't had many problems. So in this way, the experience in Malta no was difficult to get a good integration where I see that Malta is a very international island and it is easy to have a group of friends when you are a foreigner.

Furthermore, I find the Maltese culture very similar to south Spain (Andalusia) in the sense of religious ritual, the siesta and the way that they celebrate the fest that usually the people celebrate it on the street to share with others people.

3) What were for you the most interesting activities during your EVS with KKĠ?

I found the education activities about Ethical Consumption the most interesting as well to organizing the other public events on Fair Trade. Within that I would like to highlight my participation in the Price project (that was held in Portugal, wherein we had workshops connected Fair Trade and Ethical Finance). Another event that was very exciting was that one at the University of Malta to inform the students about the possibility to get involved into Fair Trade.

4) What are your hobbies and passions?

My favorite passion is travelling (getting to know new places and new cultures). Particularly this is because I enjoy the nature and learning about historical heritage. When I travel I like to come in contact with the local and share their life experiences. In particular that is why I enjoy travelling by mountain bike and that is mainly because I tend to stop in villages and talk to people wherever I meet them.

5) Do you ride bike in Malta? Is it dangerous?

Yes I often ride a bike in Malta. I do not feel that it as dangerous as some people say it is. Cycling in Malta comes at certain disadvantages because there is little to no cycling infrastructure and equipment for bikes. Moreover car driver tend to sound their horns for nothing. The best way to cycle safely in Malta is to plan ahead.

6) What is the most memorable experience in your EVS in Malta?

Undoubtedly, there is something very special in my hearth whom I met during my time in Malta and that being the girl who is currently my girlfriend.

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