Urgent Action - Unfair Dismissal of Union Leaders in Peru

Through the Make Fruit Fair! project, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust is shedding light on a great injustice being carried out against agricultural workers employed by TALSA in Peru.

Labour rights violations - support call for Honduran government to act

14. 7. 2015: Honduras has been suffering repression since 2009 when a military coup brought its current National Party to power. The country is known as the murder, repression and corruption capital of the Americas – a situation that has recently brought people on the streets in the biggest popular demonstrations since the military coup.

Within this context, numerous cases of labour rights violations experienced by Honduran agricultural workers have been presented to the Labour Ministry, but remain unresolved. The Union of Agroindustrial Workers (STAS) has appealed to the Minsiter of Labour, Carlos Madero, to settle these cases as soon as possible. STAS, along with the Honduran Federation of Agroindustrial Workers' Unions (FESTAGRO), to which it is affiliated, is calling for international solidarity to support this request.


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