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KKG’s committee would like to notify its frequent customers and KKG members that a new stock of Contigo bags has just arrived. Large Contigo bags are being sold at Lm2.85 each. Smaller bags cost less. Each Contigo bag recycles well over 15 used fruit-juices packets and its material can easily be cleaned.

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Carol Wills about Malta and "Taste the World"

"I am thrilled to be returning to Malta. I have been once before, very briefly, when I was nine years old. I was travelling back to England from East Africa where my parents lived at the time and the plane we were in came down unexpectedly in Timbuktu (it crash landed with an engine on fire) and the only plane available to take us on to Europe was one that was heading for Malta.


I have a memory of arriving in Malta in the very early morning, being given a blanket, and seeing people swimming off some rocks. (It was the 1950s).

Now I have two new connections with Malta; one personal and one professional. My daughter has just married a man whose father's family came from Malta, and - of course - IFAT has a member in Malta. I am always delighted when I become aware of Fair Trade activity in a "new" country and I am looking forward so much to being with you for the "Taste the World" Fair Trade Festival on 2 November."

Carol Wills


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