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Cafédirect Organic Machu Picchu Mountain Special, Fresh Ground

Sourced from Peru, this unique gourmet coffee offers taste sensations for savouring every single day.

An absolutely delicious aroma with distinctive, nutty tones and a light, caramelly edge is only part of the story. Fine-flavoured, rounded and generous in style, it is ideal coffee for after-dinner drinking or to end a special lunch. Try it mid-afternoon in good company, and expect compliments.

Strength guide: 3/5

Certified organic by the Soil Association. Grown to organic standards without the use of fertilisers or pesticides.

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bio darjeeling tea from India

Product description

Ctm altromercato Darjeeling tea is of finest quality: it is grown on the hilly areas of the Indian Darjeeling region with the use of organic and biodynamic farming methods.

Harvesting and processing are hand made. The plucked leaves are withered for approximately 10 hours, rolled, spread on fermenting beds and left to ferment. The fermented leaves are dried and sifted with care.

Percentage of fair trade ingredients: 100%


Ambootia Tea Gardens -India: Ambootia plantations are situated at an altitude of 430 to 1350 metres. From the 791 hectares of the cultivable land, 350 hectares are employed for tea cultivation; the remaining land is used for vegetables, oranges, spices and for the reforestation programme. Ambootia Tea Gardens offers housing opportunities and medical services to its workers. The workers are organised in the Himalayan Plantation Worker’s Union. Ambootia is using organic and biodynamic farming methods.

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"Nicaragua" coffee beans

Product description

Nicaragua altromercato coffee is a single origin Arabica coffee, cultivated and processed by the co-operatives Cecocafen and Soppexcca from Jinotega and Matagalpa regions of Nicaragua.

"Nicaragua" altromercato is the first coffee imported by Ctm. It is therefore of high symbolic value in terms of history and social battles.

"Nicaragua" is a full-bodied coffee, with a decisive taste and a mild chocolate nuance.

Percentage of fair trade ingredients: 100%


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