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Cafédirect 5065, Instant Fairtrade Coffee

 Cafédirect 5065 is a premium quality instant fairtrade coffee. Cafédirect's 5065-blend burst on the coffee scene with no apology: it packs quite an aromatic punch to the palate. Bold, boisterous, with a full body and sustained balance of flavours, it keeps a certain caramelly charm and shows a slightly spiced edge. 5065 does not fade or grow bitter on the finish nor does it short-change the tongue: pick it, always for perfect drinking pleasure. Coffee beans of the highest quality are grown in the rich soils of Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, at altitudes of up to 6000ft (1830m). They are then medium roasted and blended by experts to give you the highest quality coffee taste.

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Cafédirect 5065 Decaffeinated Organic Premium Instant

 Organic Medium Roast instant coffee from Cafédirect is everything you ever wanted in an instant coffee. Stylish, stimulating, with golden tones and lots of rich aroma. This coffee truly can deliver: it has a robust, leather and fruit intensity, and a decent balance. Drink it early and late. Make the day more mellow. Decaffeinated using a natural carbon dioxide method that gently removes the caffeine without impairing the mellow flavours and rich aroma. Certified organic by the Soil Association. Grown to organic standards without the use of fertilisers or pesticides. Click here to learn about the decaffeination process.

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