Producers are at the focal point of the Fair Trade movement. Both the Fair Trade Labeling Organization and the World Fair Trade Organization keep track of all their member organizations, whether they are producers in poor countries or promoters of Fair Trade in the north.

Fair Trade Producers:

Mai Handicraft

Mai Handicrafts was started by two social workers who were concerned about improving the lives of street children and single mothers in Ho Chi Minh City and ethnic minorities in mountain villages. Building on the belief that social development is intricately tied to economic self-reliance, Mai Handicrafts reaches out to artisans in underserved areas providing marketing and training and returning some of the profits from the sales of handcrafts to fund social work projects.

The 300 artisans (80% are women) associated with Mai Handicrafts are earning between US$50 and $70 a month in a country where the average monthly income is US$20-30. Many are able to work from their homes or in small workshops instead of seeking work in Vietnam’s factory industries.

With an eye for detail, Mai’s artisans make pottery, silk scarves & purses, baskets and lacquerware. Their creative use of renewable resources like bamboo, recycled paper, and other natural fibers make their products among our top sellers.

Fair Trade Producers:

EMA (Equitable Marketing Association)

Country: India

Website: http://www.emaindia.org

EMA (Equitable Marketing Association) was established in 1977 with the joint effort of seven cooperatives with 234 craftspersons and 9 individual social activists. At present, EMA has 42 corporate members, 6 founder members, 71 staff members and 96 individual artisans. All the members constitute the general body of this Fair Trade Organisation. The capacity and size of EMA has grown steadily over the years.

Fair Trade Producers:


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