The Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP), is a non-profit, non-government organization. It is into crafts, development marketing and sustainable development.

CCAP eliminates the many layers of middlemen in the marketing system by directly linking with the buyers and the producers. With a strategy it calls development marketing, CCAP advocates for fair trade and endeavors to pay the producers what is due them, in a trading relationship built on partnership.

Its strategy includes building small but viable community-based enterprise that are effectively organized and self-reliant.

Fair Trade Producers:

Saffy handcrafts

Country: Manila, Philippines

Website: http://www.serrv.org/product/saffy-handicrafts/philippines

SAFFY stands for Social Action for Filipino Youth, the birth name of SAFRUDI. It became the organization’s trade name for its export items upon its incorporation in 1970. From its humble beginnings as a workshop that provides alternative livelihood for the out-of-school youth in marginalized areas of Manila through sewing projects, it now assists some 50 small producers of various novelties from all over the Philippines.

SAFFY aims to enhance the artistic and business skills of Filipino craftsmen. It taps producers to craft collections for exposition in international trade fairs, and has in fact carved for them a regular market in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific.

Aside from acting as a marketing arm, SAFFY runs its own In-house Production specializing in items made with Capiz shells and Coco-fiber.

Fair Trade Producers:

Mysha enterprise

Misha Enterprise è una società fondata in Ghana nel 1993‚ che coordina molti artigiani sparsi in tutto il paese e che da tempo collabora con altre realtà di commercio equo europee‚ come Dritte Welt (Germania) e Commercio Alternativo ed è socia di IFAT. Misha dedica particolare attenzione ai problemi di impatto ambientale‚ promovendo l’uso di legname ottenuto nel rispetto delle leggi di protezione forestale‚ l’utilizzo di materie prime locali e di coloranti atossici e non inquinanti.

Fair Trade Producers:


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