Fair Trade Egypt

Fair Trade Egypt is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to empower Egyptian artisans through the practice of Fair Trade. FTE surveys the developing areas of the country, finds local treasures that have been traditionally manufactured for centuries and brings them to you, our consumer. All in all, our inventory covers all of Egypt, with more than 30 artisan groups in seven different regions.

Our goal is to assist the talented but struggling Egyptian artisans, who have been particularly hard-hit by massive industrialization and globalization.

Fair Trade Producers:

Women Income Generation & Training Association (Egypt)

"About 90 percent of our sales come from Fair Trade Egypt. It is truly the foundation of our operations and our success." Bassma, artisan supervisor.

Around 900 women from nine isolated Bedouin villages of North Sinai participate in this initiative. Through this cooperation, FTE has managed to expose the consumer to artisan goods that would have otherwise remained completely out of reach, because of the geographical location of Al Arish, and also because of the fact that, culturally, Bedouin women rarely leave their homes, let alone their communities.

This artisan group, which was established in 1990, allows us to take a peak into one of the Bedouins’ most relevant and visually stunning events, their weddings. Our artisans have taken the image of young women’s wedding dresses, have let their imagination run wild, and have managed to apply these ancestral motifs to items that we all need in our daily lives. At FTE you can find their intricate 100% cotton cross-stitching in traditional Bedouin hues on everything from pillowcases, mirrors, scrunchies, purses, wallets, eyeglass cases to stunning shawls! The amount of work that goes into every inch of these masterful goods will astonish you, while the saturated cherries, yellows and indigos give a unique touch to your home or personal style.

Fair Trade Producers:

Naqada Silk Weaving Project (Egypt)

The ancient town of Naqada, which lies on the historical West Bank of the Nile, neighboring ancestral Luxor, has been considered one of the weaving powerhouses of Egypt for as long as anyone can recall. Although this town isn’t a big tourist draw nowadays, the necropolis of Naqada was the resting place for entire generations of pharaohs more than five thousand years ago.

Fair Trade Producers:


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