Gospel House Handicrafts

Gospel House Handicrafts specializes the production of wooden educational toys, puzzles, children's furniture and other general handicrafts. It was set up primarily to provide employment and training to poor semi-educated youth in the field of making wooden toys, utility items and ornamental handicrafts.

Gospel House is known for the quality wooden toys produced under fair trade condition.

Our mission is :

Fair Trade Producers:

El Renacer Chalateco

The Artisan Association of Chalatenango has 90 members, 90% of whom are women. The people of Chalatenango, a mountainous area in the northeastern corner of El Salvador, suffered great losses during the civil war of the '80's but have great hopes for the future.

Fair Trade Producers:


Santiago, Chile
Comparte, a nonprofit trading organization, was organized by the Social Union of Christian Businessmen (USEC) to provide social assistance to disadvantaged craftspeople. Based in Santiago, Chile’s capital city, Comparte markets products for a variety of artisan groups located in Chile. In addition to conducting regional workshops, Comparte provides training, organizational assistance and marketing and design services to these groups. Comparte also features their crafts in markets and commercial craft stores in the region.

Fair Trade Producers:


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