Vacancies for EVS Project in Iceland

About the EVS Programme

Through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program youths (ages 16 to 30) may participate in project that are supported by the European Voluntary Service programme.

Costs for the Volunteers

The EVS volunteer will not be expected to pay any costs as everything will be paid for by the programme itself. Moreover the volunteer will receive extra pocket money during the service.

Current EVS Project

Project Title: Joining Worldwide Friends Iceland

Sending Organization: Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust

Host Organization: Worldlife Friends Iceland


Send us an email on info@l-arka.org

Activities During the Internship

1. Working with young people in the area.

Aims: The objective of the project is to offer the international volunteer the opportunity to work directly with Icelandic youth in activities aimed at promoting personal development and cultural understanding through work, sports, creative and artistic programmes, as well as games and chats.

Tasks: the volunteer's main tasks will consist in taking care of the youngsters, guiding and assisting them with the selection and realization of the activities in which he are supposed to participate in.

2. Leading international workcamps.

This part of the project consists in supervising and developing work camps, leading groups of 10 to 12 international participants arriving from different countries, staying two weeks at a time. At the end of each camp, the volunteer in this project will have about 4-5 days of rest and during that break he are expected to give an evaluation and discuss it together with the staff member of Worldwide Friends (this evaluation will take one afternoon).

3. Clean Up the World activities.

The main aim of the project is focused on maintaining clean Icelandic beaches. The volunteer will coordinate clean-up actions on beaches with the support of the local communities who host the camps.

Clean Up the World is meant to have it´s main event organized by Worldwide Friends in the 3rd weekend of September: the volunteer in this project will take care of organizing it along with involved cooperating contacts. An essential task of the volunteers will in fact be to get in touch with these local partners as medias, governmental institutions, NGO's, international and national environmental organizations and local communities.

WF is working closely with the environmental authorities in Iceland and part of this project is to do research work related to the OSPAR commission.

Practical arrangements:

1. Volunteering Hours and Days off per week

Working hours are 5 to 7 per day five days a week, (arrival and departure days do not make the part of volunteering time) giving the volunteer and other participants enough time to rest or do other activities according to their interests and under the guidance of the camp leaders. During this time, he will be under personal supervision of the organization members. In this way, the organization and the volunteer from Malta will guarantee the expected unfolding of the activities and will prevent or amend any complications that might arise during the project. In between the arrivals of the new international participating groups, and with the agreement of the host organization, the volunteer will have 5 to 7 days off for relaxing and leisure.

There are 2 working days off per month. Holiday period has to be agreed in advance with the hosting organisation.

2. Food and Accommodation

Host organisation will provide food and accommodation for the volunteers. The volunteers will share a room with other international volunteers and everyone is expected to do their fair-share of cooking and cleaning. The volunteer from Malta will do their own shopping with a card provided by the organization. The accommodation between camps is in the centre of Reykjavik and within a walking distance to supermarket, shops, swimming pool etc… The accommodation during workcamps will be in community houses. WF will provide the volunteers in this project with pillows, blankets and sheets for the bed and he also have a free access to the swimming pools.

3. Pocket money

The volunteers will receive pocket money in the amount of 145 euro at the beginning of every month.

4. Local Transport

Local transportation will be organized/paid for the volunteers.

Host Organization Website

http://www.wf.is (Worldwide Friends - Iceland)